Давненько у нас не было вестей "оттуда". В сегодняшней поставке есть такие сочные коробочки, как Ticket to Ride - Germany, Five Tribes - Whims of the Sultan, Concordia: Salsa, Zombicide: Black Plague и Scythe.

Полный список поступлений:
Android Netrunner LCG: Terminal Directive
Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Core Set
D&D - Assault of the Giants
Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk
Between Two Cities
Catch The Moon
Colt Express: Marshal and Prisoners
Concordia: Britannia / Germania
Concordia: Gallia / Corsica
Concordia: Salsa
Dungeon Command: Blood of Gruumsh
Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins
Five Tribes - Whims of the Sultan
King of New York
King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo: Monster Pack – Cthulhu
Mage Knight
Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition: Beyond the Threshold Expansion
Memoir '44
Shadows over Camelot
Small World - River World
D&D - Temple of Elemental Evil
The Big Book of Madness
Ticket to Ride - Germany
Ticket to Ride - Map Collection 5: United Kingdom & Pennsylvania
Tides of Madness
Tzolk‘in: The Mayan Calendar - Tribes & Prophecies
Zombicide: Black Plague

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